Salient Features

Afriasia International Logistics Limited is a major player in Africa and Asia logistics industry. The company lay emphasis on details, focusing on customer needs, offer superior and differentiated services in the market.
•    Experienced personnel
Our people-oriented approach to offering solutions delivers the level of service, expertise and energy to make it happen. Each client is assigned a personalized team at every level to facilitate faster decision making in relation to the customers’ trade requirements. This overtime has enabled our staff to continuously develop competence in their respective areas of expertise. 
•    Attention to details
Each transaction is viewed as an equally important link in building long-term relationships with our customers. As a result, our management of our customer’s requirements is defined by critically understanding each project and embracing professionalism in all processes and procedures to delivery
•    Flexible schedules
Afriasia International Logistics Limited operate and accommodate to the requirement of virtually any scheduling task.