About Us

The company was created  in order to meet the ever growing  demand for the most professional, cost effective and on-time delivery of goods and services.This need was guided by the fact that, there is growing uncontrolled and unpredictable  logistics costs that erode traders, merchants, contractors, importers and exporters their projected  returns and required step by step, on-time intervention and prompt action.
We specialize in finding the absolute best ways to provide the complete, end to end range of  logistics  services, to both local and international markets. The company evaluate the success of  each and every task and follow up to make necessary changes that will add more value to our customers. In order to ensure full customer satisfaction, follow-up and feedback, each customer is handled by a specific professional account executive.
With a dedicated team of wide knowledge, highly skilled and wealth experienced professionals, the company has a differentiation, growth and expansion strategy, and will undertake to become the top preferred and referred logistics company.

Company Vision
To be the leading shipping and logistics service provider for global market.

Mission Statement
To provide global on-time delivery of goods and services, through application of the most predictable, cost controlled and  professionally managed logistics services.


  1. To deliver value to customers, shareholders and stakeholders.
  2. To meet the dynamic demands of logistics, in the most professional and cost effective techniques.
  3. To offer end to end local and international logistic services.
  4. To be the most reliable logistic company.
  5. To be a logistics leader in Africa.

The corporate values form the basis of Afriasia International shipping and Logistics Limited decisions, choices and actions.

  • Customer focus:We commit to focus on the customer needs and requirements in details
  • Quality :We commit to provide high quality services to the satisfaction of our customers
  • Corporate Governance: We will maintain a high level of ethical, transparent, honesty, trustworthy  and accountability in our company structure and all our business dealings.
  • Responsible Corporate Citizens: We aim at ensuring that we are socially  responsible corporate citizens through partnership and supporting various sustainable programs.
  • Performance Oriented Staff: We aim at attracting, retaining and developing professional staff that are performance  and service delivery oriented.